Transmission Off-Air

(Media)ted is a collaboration between artist Lou Hazelwood and researcher Barbara Grabher. The project artistically expands and engages with the academic interests of Grabher’s research project ‘Gendering Cities of Culture’. Through a multimedia approach of utilising film, light and scripted reading performances Hazelwood and Grabher introduced processes of mediating, contrasting and recycling to the experiential exploration of the production of cultures of equality through Hull2017.
The video installation collapses visual and sonic impulses – creating, playing and reimagining through a process of reflections. Reflections are understood in physical senses through the coloured shading of facial features. Furthermore, the reflective practices are expressed through the recycling, reading, performing of posts released by the Hull2017 in social media channels. In combination, the installation invites for reflections about the production of cultures of equality and how such equality might be drawn upon ourselves.
Copyright Lou Hazelwood & Barbara Grabher 2018.

Mediated will be exhibited as part of Footnotes on Equality in Utrecht, The Netherlands March 2019