Landscapes of The Un(known)

Imagined and real

Landscapes of The Un(known)

Landscapes of the (Un)known utilises creative darkroom techniques and medium and large format photography to explore different understandings of landscape.

Unknown landscapes emerge from chemical processes whilst printing in the darkroom and by alternative interrupted film processing and the results are akin to rural landscapes.

Thinking about the structure of the gas holder and it’s place in the landscape currently and historically. I have that memory that I think many of us share of questioning what that structure was as a child and why sometimes it was high in the sky and others it wasn’t, what did it do and why? It was such a dominant feature of the landscape that the echo of it in these now empty ironwork structures are almost a patterned remembrance and that makes me think of lace and our ability to use it to shield the domestic which was heated by the shielded structure of the gasometer by it’s holder, peeking at times ‘from behind the curtain’. I just think seeing these working structures as a child and now seeing them as they stand and then disappear they and ‘their lifespan’ are just continually fascinating in that they are both simultaneously known and unknown.

Landscapes of The Un(known) is funded by The Richard and Siobhan Coward Foundation 

and Hull City Arts   

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