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I approach my work, research and curatorial practices from interests often found in the intersections of Venn Diagrams, the overlap of distinctly differing approaches or methodologies which enable new responses. I am always keen to source and work within collaborations, if this is something that would interest you then do get in touch.

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Selected Art Commissions and Exhibitions and Symposia

Loss and Lucidity, Santa Ana, California USA, 2018

To Stain,  Green Rooms Hotel, London, 2018

Girls, Girls, Girls Prism Contemporary, Blackburn 2018

Intersections, Queens House Showcase, Hull, 2017

The Female Gaze, KAG, Hull, 2017

Lightworks Festival, Grimsby, 2016

Engagement and Entrapment, GAIA Gallery, Seoul, South Korea2016

Part Coded and the Bi-Visual, The Ropewalk, Barton upon Humber, 2016

Epitaph 13, Opening up the Book, Bank St Arts, Sheffield, 2015

(u)Y(ol), Red Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hull, 2015

Lightlines, Grimsby, 2015

Twixt Two Worlds, Double Vision (performance and installation of magic lantern work) Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2014

A State of (Un) Play, Atelier 35, Bucharest 2013

The Remembered Found, Red Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hull, 2013

Landscape from the romantic to the digital, (Performances), Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2013

Art:Language:Location, Cambridge, 2013 & 2012

Stillness Readings, APG Works (Archipelago), Sheffield, 2012

Assembly: North, Bloc Contemporary Artspace, Sheffield, 2012

Mis-Information, Fringe Arts Festival, Bath, 2012

Transmission Off-Air, SIA Gallery Sheffield 2010

The Contingency of Curation, ‘Mediation as Production’ Tate Britain, London, 2010

Hammonds Commission, ‘Window Displaying’, 2007, Hull, Collaboration with Sarah Pennington

The Women’s Photography Collective, Hull, 2004

European Biennale of Arts Maastricht working with Lawrence Weiner 1993

Selected Publications

.- .-. . Water Humans, Hull, 2018

4/5th of 7 45’s, Segments of records in a slipcase, Hull, 2016

Carbon Copies, Harold & Maude,  A binary script, Hull, 2016

Common Properties, Collaboration with Jo Ray, Set of six postcards from Hull & Cambridge, 2016

Of Or On Nostalgia, Collaboration with Marcel Craven, Hull 2016

Double Con-Figuration, Collaboration with Katya Robin, Hull & Sheffield, 2016

Three Little Words, Hull, 2015-16

Career Concerns, Hull 2015

Art is a Popularity Contest, Top Trump style cards and box, 205

The Remembered Found – A guide, Hull, 2013

This is Ours, Hull, 2013

In My Own Name, and Publishing, London, 2012

Contingency of Curation, Tate Britain Symposium Publication, 2010

Writing Art Monthly, Sheffield 2011/2012






Sheffield Hallam University:

MA Fine Art: Practice and Curating 2012

University of Humberside:

BA (Hons) Fine Art 1994

Jacob Kramer College, Leeds:

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 1991